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Packing List for your BCO Adventure

*Please understand that this list is only a guideline to assure your comfort and safety. We want you to feel equipped and comfortable, yet at the same time keep in mind that weight is essential on this trip.  We suggest you pack your gear into 1 backpack and 2 medium soft sided duffles. 


2 Sets of Camo Hunting Clothes - (We suggest one heavier set for cooler temps one lighter set for warmer temps)

2 sets of base layers tops and bottoms 

6 Pairs of socks from light to heavy 

2 pairs of gloves one light one heavy

1 Waterproof Set of outer layer clothes - (Hunting clothes are usually not 100% waterproof)

2 Hats - (One heavy for cooler temps one light for warmer temps)

1 Pair comfortable light camp shoes -  (tennis shoes, crocks, hard sole slippers)

1 Pair isolated waterproof hunting boots

1 Sleeping Bag - (We suggest 15 degrees or heavier. All our guides use 0 degree)

Personal Toiletries

1 Sleeping Pad - (We strongly suggest pad with an R value no more than 4 inches thick)

1 Backpack (Medium sized for being out all day hunting)

1 Nalgene type water bottle 32 oz

2 Headlamps

1 Knife (We are big fans of the replaceable blade types)

1 lighter or waterproof matches in case of emergency

1 Blaze orange vest (if rifle hunting)

Neck gaiter



Range Finder


Chapstick (spf)

Weapon and Projectiles


* If bowhunting we ask that you bring a bow sling for the hunt and a soft bow case for packing the pack in/out.

What is Provided in BCO Camps

Provided Equipment for Camps (Guided/Drop)


Side Wall Tent or Tents Depending on the size of your group

Pots and Pans 

Griddle for cooking over the campfire

Percolating Style Coffee Pot for hot water or making coffee

Cooking utensils 

Plastic Forks, Knifes, Spoons

Paper Plates

Solo Cups

Paper Towels 

Insulated Tumblers for hot liquid 


Camp Chairs 

Water Filter

Small Towels 

Dish Soap


First Aid Kit


Gas stove for cooking

Wood stove for heat

Split and Stacked Firewood

Torch Lighters and extra fuel

Propane Torch

Extra Propane for Lanterns and Cook stove

Rope and Paracord

Sheltered Toilet, Wipes 


Large Axe

Camp Shower for Summer Camps

Zip Lock Bags 1 box Gallon 1 box Sandwich 


Extra Items for just Summer Camp


Campfire Roasting Sticks

Clothesline and Pins

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